Due to Lifestyle, the Number of Cancer Patients Can Reach 10.6 Million in 2030


Due to Lifestyle, the Number of Cancer Patients Can Reach 10.6 Million in 2030

Cancer is a deadly disease, where it can affect anyone at any age. Based on a journal published in BMC Med states that cancer patients in Asia will increase to 10.6 million by 2030. The number is quite alarming because it accounts for half of cancer cases in the world. Dr. Chuan Kit Foo, Head of Medicine, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division of Asia / Pacific said that cancer patients are increasing mostly due to unhealthy lifestyles. Read also: Foods That Cause Cancer to Avoid “” The average factor is caused by the greatest lifestyle. Especially on what to eat, “” he told detikHealth when met at Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Tuesday (13/3/2018). Lifestyle of people who do not pay attention to nutritional intake and lack of movement to be a big trigger of this cancer. In addition, doctors who are familiarly called Kit also mentioned that this figure is contributed more by the elderly population.
“” 10.6 million are not just old, but young ones as well. But the most affected by cancer in old age, “” he said. So, how to prevent cancer does not infect us? Dr. Kit said that there is nothing we can do, except to change the lifestyle to be healthier
Again again a healthy lifestyle, because each cancer trigger it is different, “” he said.Read also: Experiments: Peeling Hoax ‘Cancer Cuts’ that Away Garlic
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Doctor Advice For Those Affected by Lung Cancer


Doctor Advice For Those Affected by Lung Cancer

Production of fluid in the lung in lung cancer patients can increase and trigger shortness of breath. About fluid in the lungs, doctors have a message
The condition is due to the stimulation to produce excess fluid. If left unchecked, this condition can cause shortness of breath, “” said Dr. Hariadi Hadibrata, SpBT KV in the monthly meeting of CISC (Cancer Infomation and Support Center) in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (13/08/2016). shortness of breath, Dr. Hariadi suggested for lung cancer patients to do prevention. One of them by diligently eating foods high in protein.
Read also: 30 Percent New Lung Cancer Detected 3 Months Before Patient Died “” Special lung patients, no dietary restrictions whatsoever. But to avoid increased fluid, patients are encouraged to eat foods high in protein such as eggs or chicken meat, “” continued Dr. Hariadi.Perlu known, lung cancer becomes one of the dangerous diseases. This is because there are no early symptoms and newly known when it is malignant
Because it is not symptomatic. Sometimes there is a cough, but is considered coughing because of cigarettes so do not check. Hence to know the cancer or not necessarily by examination thoraks to the lung specialist, “” said Dr. Elisna Syahruddin, SpP (K), PhD, from Friendship Hospital some time ago. For self-prevention, Dr. Elisna suggested to diligently control the lung condition. This is because of the high pollution in Indonesia so that anyone has the risk of experiencing it. But for those who are at risk, the thorax should be done at least once a year. Those included in the group at risk of lung cancer include smokers, living with active smokers, miners and having a family history of cancer. Read also: Pain to Voice Changes, These are Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer
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A Touching Story of Women Who Can not Be Pregnant Because Breast Cancer


A Touching Story of Women Who Can not Be Pregnant Because Breast Cancer

A woman from Maryland, United States, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011. Whereas Randi Burak Fishman was only 28 years old and had just become a newlyweds for a year. Obviously this surprised Randi because he did not feel any signs or symptoms. However, the test results say he is a carrier of the BRCA1 gene that can dramatically cause ovarian and breast cancer, as quoted by People.com.Setelah undergo a double mastectomy, he and her husband decided to do the IVF program and freeze his 10 embryos, with hope they can have anak.Simak story touching how the struggle of Randi and her husband to have children and simultaneously recover from breast cancer.Read also: 9 Risk Factors Breast Cancer, There Are You Having?
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Got This Factor, You Are More Risk Of Breast Cancer


Got This Factor, You Are More Risk Of Breast Cancer

There are several factors that make a person’s risk for breast cancer to multiply. Mainly related to lifestyle. As conveyed by obstetrician and also oncology consultant from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. Sigit Purbadi, SpOG (K) Onk, other factors namely age above 55 years

Then if the family found there is a breast cancer, such as sisters, mothers or girls, then he has a 2 times risk of breast cancer, "said Dr. Sigit to detikHealth.

Also Read: Wash Bra Every Day Can Prevent Breast Cancer? This Doctor’s Word Basically, if the parent has a carrier gene abnormality, then there is a chance that the gene abnormality will also be passed on to the child

In addition, if a patient has breast cancer, then the other breast has a risk of 3-4 times to also get cancer as well, "" he added. Related lifestyle, Dr. Sigit explained that the risk of breast cancer is greater is owned by those who are overweight and hobby of consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking. "" Women who have never been pregnant for up to 9 months or have just given birth after age 30 also have a greater risk of breast cancer. Then the old estrogen exposures such as menstruation before age 12 years and menopause after 55 years also provide a greater risk, "" said Dr. Sigit. Read also: Cervical Cancer Cervical Impact Jupe: HPV Vaccine Demand Increases

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Kemenkes: The Highest Causes Of Lung Cancer Cigarettes!


Kemenkes: The Highest Causes Of Lung Cancer Cigarettes!

Lung cancer is one type of cancer that many experienced by the adam in Indonesia and followed by colon cancer. For the trigger, mentioned by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Dr H Mohamad Subuh, MPPM, is very diverse

Certainly in men the lung cancer cases are experienced for various reasons, if I still honestly the most high cause of smoking. Must dare to mention this problem, "" said Dawn on the sidelines of the commemoration of ‘World Cancer Day’ at the Ministry of Health, South Jakarta.Bahayanya, lung cancer including the most difficult to detect early. Therefore, symptoms that appear in the early stages are still quite vague with other common symptoms of disease. In the same place, Chairman of Indonesian Ongkologi Association, Prof. Dr. dr Aru Wicaksono Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, FACP, also gave his explanation.

Read also: Doctor Advice For Those Affected by Lung Cancer "" Imagine the lungs, inside there is a mass as small as a green bean seed, do you think baseball? As soon as he starts to get big, blood vessels get hit, cough out blood, there’s new symptoms. Therefore lung cancer rarely appears in the early stages. Unless we ngecheck up every once a year. The problem is routine check up the office people, "" he said. Doctor who is familiar with greeting dr Aru is advised to do a lung rongent examination. Occasionally enough because the cancer takes about a dozen years to mature. Also read: Recognize 5 Symptoms of Lung Cancer is often Neglected

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Loss of Appetite in Cancer Inhibits Treatment


Loss of Appetite in Cancer Inhibits Treatment

People with cancer often experience symptoms of appetite loss due to cancer leading to malnutrition. Not a few cancer patients who then experience weight loss drastically or which in medical terms is called kaheksia.Kondisi not only reduce the quality of life of people with cancer, but also will inhibit cancer treatment, said the representative of the Cancer Foundation of Indonesia, Dr. dr Noorwati S., SpPD -KHOM, when found in Jakarta, recently

The loss of weight drastically makes cancer treatment not working well. If the chemotherapy tumor will be difficult to shrink, when surgery wounds can be difficult to heal. Nutrition is often only done when the patient is down or sometimes his own doctor baseball would pay attention to the nutrition of patients, consequently treatment does not work, "" he explained.

See also: A Survivor Breast Cancer Fights Against the Effects of Chemotherapy Added clinical nutritionist, Dr. dr Fiastuti Witjaksono, SpGK, loss of appetite in people with cancer can also be triggered by reduced tasting ability, pain during swallowing, constipation, or always feeling full. According to him, symptoms like this should be resisted, because it can trigger worse complications

In addition to complicate treatment, malnourished cancer patients will also be prone to illness because of decreased immunity. Therefore, early intervention to restore nutritional status to normal is necessary so that treatment therapy can be well received by cancer patients and their quality of life is better, "he said. How to make cancer patients want to eat, according to Dr. Fiastuti, is to not limit the food patient. However, certain diets are advised to support the improvement of the patient’s condition

Food for cancer patients is actually no limitations. The important thing is understood is that cancer patients need a diet high in protein and healthy fats, and reduce the food source of any sugar because that’s what cancer cells need to grow, "" the message. Read also: People with Cancer Do not Need to Eat Fat

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Stories of Women with Breast Cancer and Viral Photographs


Stories of Women with Breast Cancer and Viral Photographs

The woman named Erin Smith Chieze was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a cancer survivor, she shares her experience with a photograph of a lemon. Unexpectedly, the photos and stories Erin uploaded so viral.Di on his Facebook page, on January 11 and Erin wrote that he got a lot of questions about the heart image uploaded as an effort to increase breast cancer awareness. Well, Erin was answering the question with a note on her Facebook. "" Someone once uploaded a picture on Facebook about how breast cancer looks. It can not be felt, but it can be seen. In December 2015, when I saw a curve like in one of these images, I suspected I had breast cancer, "" Erin wrote.

He also tried to feel the lump in her breast, but did not feel. In the following month, Erin was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. From her experience, Erin emphasized that a clearer and tangible picture of breast cancer would be more useful than a heart image in order to raise awareness of breast cancer. "" Help us. Stop playing a game and start really helping others. This photo I found and it is the same as what I experienced. If you want to help people with cancer or maybe people who will get cancer, share photos like this. I remember when I uploaded this photo for the first time, it really made a difference for me, "" Erin added. Since it was uploaded on January 11th, lemon photo has been distributed by more than 27 thousand people. In the photo, there are 12 pieces of lemon are neatly arranged in a cardboard container. However, each lemon has a distinctive condition. Read also: Remember! Breast Cancer Not Always Marked by Small Lumps There is a lemon that appears to have a hardened mass, a curve, reddish spots and steam that indicate the condition of the lemon is hot, skin erosion, out of a liquid, and sepetti have dimples. Then, there is a lemon with a few protruding lumps , has a blood vessel arising, then the center of the lemon (which is described as the nipple) burrows into the lemon, which changes the shape and size, the lemon is colored, and the lemon with the invisible bump so it looks normal.More than 800 comments stop by the photo this. Most shared their experiences as cancer survivors who also felt one of the symptoms described by the lemons. However, there is also a comment on the use of heart images in order to raise awareness of breast cancer. "" My red heart used to honor my sister and anyone who has battled cancer. I agree this does not raise awareness of breast cancer. But, it can show my love and support for cancer survivors, "" Marie Spencer wrote. Another nineteen-year-old is also grateful for the lemon image Erin is very informative to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer. Read also: Get Breast Cancer at 17 Years Old, RatriPoto Story: AFP

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Cigarettes Cause Lung Cancer, Doctor: Stop Smoking!


Cigarettes Cause Lung Cancer, Doctor: Stop Smoking!

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases for both men and women. This disease occupies the number two cause of death in the world and one of the dangerous type is lung cancer. Based on data Globocan 2010 until now, lung cancer is the number five cancer that causes death in the world. Disclosed specialist lung cancer and immunotherapy experts, Dr. Sita Laksmi PhD, SpP (K), that many cases of lung cancer caused by smoking

After more cigarette production, the rate of lung cancer increase also increased more, "he said to detikHealth when met at Harris Suites Meeting Room, f5 FX Sudirman, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (16/06/2017).

It is commonly known that cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals such as toxic, addictive substances, carcinogens and other substances. Three quarters of all the chemicals contained in cigarettes are carcinogens, and these substances cause lung cancer. Read also: Triggering the Will of Smoking Again in Trying to Repeat "" The risk of smoking to lung cancer is 13.6-fold compared to people who do not smoking, while the passive risk 4 times more than those who do not smoke, "" added Dr. Sita from RSUP Persahabatan.Kanker lung has no specific symptoms and can not be detected early. Dr. Sita revealed most patients who have detected lung cancer have entered an advanced stage (stage 4). Under these conditions should be immediately performed therapy such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other therapy. According to Dr. Sita lung cancer usually has symptoms such as other respiratory diseases such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, coughing blood, hoarseness, decreased weight, wheezing sound, and chest pain so difficult to distinguish

So you should keep checking your health regularly at least once a year, "" added Dr. Sita

The most important stop smoking !, "" he concluded. Also read: Various Methods of Quitting Smoking Used by Celebrities

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When Origin Rajin, Drink So Many Coffee So Idlers

harga smart detox murah Jakarta, Coffee is a stimulant or stamina generator, so commonplace when people drink it with the desire to be more spirit. But if the original has been enthusiastic, research shows that a lot of coffee actually stimulates lazy nature. One study published recently in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology shows, the impact of caffeine in coffee is so influenced by the personality of the drinker.

If his personality is lacking in spirit, coffee can make him more active and powerful. But the opposite effect can come out if the drinker’s personality is essentially diligent and passionate. Sometimes, drinking lots of coffee even lower the passion and the spirit to do the activity until the relative so more want to laze. Jay Hosking from the University of British Columbia who led the research said, the human personality is classified into 2 groups based on his spirit.

The first is the passionate worker’s personality and likes hard work, then the next is the lazy personality. This type of personality grouping was also found in mice, until Hosking used the rodent in his try-out test. Hosking uses two groups of rats that differ in personality, ie work mice and lazy mice. When given the injection of caffeine, lazy mice so more persistent menguber desired goal. Vice versa in worker rats, caffeine injection even made the movement a little slow as lazy and not generally persistent. Hosking mentions, the same impact can also occur in humans because in the specific circumstances of human personality can switch as faced by rats. Until now, some diseases in the know can make a person lose his spirits for example depression as well as the problem of concentration. “”

I think it’s easy to understand that for some people coffee can make it exciting for a whole day. But for other people, coffee may make it very agitated and so not concentrated, “” Hosking said as taken from Foxnews, Thursday (29/3/2012). Messages that want to convey Hosking is, if one includes also in the group of lazy or lack of spirit so whenever drinking coffee will also be so helpful. But if the original has been diligent as well as the spirit, be it drinking coffee morning or evening when want to relax only. (up / ir)

Gara-Gara Excellence Weight Loss, This Woman Get Love

trulum synergy worldwide Jakarta Eleven th. Then, Sharee Hansen was 16 with the body weight more 113 kg. Her boyfriend at the time was worried about her health. However, Sharee is offended by the words of the boyfriend and they also broke up.
It feels uncomfortable, said Sharing currently 27 and living in Stanwood, Washington, United States. After breaking up from his second girlfriend in th. Most recent high school, Berbagie is absent from dating and concentration on his own.

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He practiced fitness and wrote his experience into A Funeral for My Fat: My Journey To Lay 100 Pounds to Rest. The weight of the Shares reached the heaviest weight at age 17. It weighed 116 kilograms and he was uncomfortable with him and confined himself.
Share weight began to fall to 99, 8 kg due to zumba and clean eating (eating) when he entered college in 2009. Although Slim has begun to begin, Sharee has not wanted dating. Until finally he met Andre Samuels, a student majoring in health and fitness, in the library.

He’s so interesting and I think it’s so sweet, “said Sharing.
Same with Berbagie, Andre who was weighing 118 kg, was wanting to lose weight. He feels admired about the purpose of fitness Share. One month after dating, the two regularly go to the gym for a week. Berbagie takes the zumba class and Andre plays basketball.
Unlike some of her former girlfriends, Andre never made Sharee feel uncomfortable with her body shape. Instead of pointing out his lack of body, Andre gave praise on the health of the Sharing agency. He always gives praise to how Sharee can run so fast and can keep the sports discipline.
In May 2013, Sharee successfully achieved the ideal weight intent, 63, 5 kg. Three months. then Sharee and Andre got married in Seattle. For the first time, sharing a bikini in public when they honeymooned in Mexico.
Andre, who is currently the assistant principal also has a new body weight. He successfully cut nearly 16 kg of body weight when married. Sharing gives praise to her husband’s weight, but they are assured to be happy with both, even in what weight.
We have many similarities, says Sharee, written from the New York Post page, Saturday (9/7/2016). I did not marry her because she was my gym partner. I married her because she is love in my life, she said.