When a Face Full of Acne Hole …

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When a Face Full of Acne Hole …

After the acne deflated, you may still have other problems, namely acne scars that are sometimes difficult to remove. In addition to the emergence of black spots, acne scars also often leave a scar or small hole in the face. According to dr. Gloria Novelita, SpKK, grated skin is harder to remove than black spots. But do not worry, there are various techniques to smooth the face again. Here are three techniques for dealing with perforated skin, but not too severe; Peeling Peeling technique for removing holes in the skin. The method is almost the same as peeling to get rid of acne, the face smeared with chemicals, whose effect makes the skin peel.

2. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a mechanical technique using certain media that is rubbed into the face. Faces like ‘sanded’ using a tip (applicator) coated with diamond grains. 3. Dermaroller Roller coated with small needles. Before the face diroll, will be given serum first. Its function is to penetrate serum into the skin, so it can stimulate the growth of new skin cells. For severe scarring problems, further treatment is needed. Here are three techniques for removing acne scars that have become severe to cause deep holes and much on the skin: 1. SubsisiTeknik subsisi is to insert a rather large needle size 18 or 23G. Then the skin like chopped, its function to release scar tissue that attracts the skin. Holes in the skin because of skin tissue that pulls down, well when inserted a needle, then we remove or chopped from the inside, said dr. Gloria. The subsidy cost is around Rp 500 thousand. 2. Cross TCACe else is by cross technique TCA (Triclora Acid). It looks like a liquid with a high concentration of 50 to 100 percent. The liquid is dripped on the hollow skin. Its function is to stimulate new collagen, so that the incoming skin, can rise and smooth again. TCA Cross costs around Rp 500 thousands. 3. Fractional Laser The fractional laser serves to remove the layer coat skin and helps stimulate the formation of new collagen by means of the face ‘ironed’ with a hot laser. The cost of a fractional laser is about Rp 2 million or more. (kik / kik)

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