Stop Smart Detox Negative Thinking!

Generally of us leaning more easily see or Smart Detox think in terms of the negative. The proof, in a little research I am working on on one of the classroom I ampu generally students say some negative things first time told judge dianya as well as others. Halhal negative list is also longer than on the positive. Beyond that, in one discussion, most students are admitted if more easily say negative halhal than positive. Think of the negative side of bisnis smart detox synergy life so it seems that we as humans do not reply. But no means we give up on negative thought and also means we can think of no negative though.

The goal, we must limit the negative thought! There comes a time of negative minds make us keep alert and vigil keep. For example someone negative minded wife on her husband or prejudiced her husband cheated on her. Doubt it can help the idle wife and berjagajaga, but it took a note IE he must limit its negative thought. This means he could just be idle, but paused suspect without any strong evidence or argument. Do not let the negative thought left poison dianya and make the husband and wife fight even until eventually divorced. The negative mind, STOP!!! Then how do we restrict or handle the negative mind looks in our heads?

There are many things that we can do, including: first, limit the negative mind by thinking rationally. When a negative thought, we must train ourselves to think rationally, think with a clear head, weighing and try searching for evidence or information. On the issue of wife her husband is having an affair, who suspect the good wife could not immediately attack, but evaluate the condition that, justifies her husband cheated on her? What might just push or aspects influenced it? 2nd, realize if a few things in the world have positive as well as negative standpoint, there are advantages as well as there is a shortage. Awareness regarding two facets of this can help so that no weight side.

It is not overly praise or glorify it, and it is not too condescending or underestimate it. Understood in terms of the whole way can also prepare us to take decisions wisely and accept the risk. On the issue of wife who suspected her husband, the wife could limit the negative thought with understand if it’s not just her husband’s negatives (in this matter may have been having an affair), but he also has the negative facet which could possibly make her husband cheated on her. Until the original rather than just prejudiced, but the wife was also willing to evaluate dianya. Third, think positive. Think positive means positive perspective step wear.

What can we tekuni from a single event? The wisdom behind what we can take from our experience? By thinking positively, we will not get hung up on anxiety, a sense of sadness, grief or even destruction that we experienced. However we can see halhal more meaningful, namely the life lessons that could improve or change our lives. On the issue of wife who suspected her husband, when the wife can think positive, so he could set dianya, to make her husband more dear as well as cancel screwing. Or when the right of her husband having an affair, so by thinking positively, the wife could be more unruly as well as apply Sage face her husband. Whoever you are, when and wherever it exists, while negative minds began to appear, set out limit it. The negative mind, STOP!!! P. Henrietta, s. Psi, a teacher at the Faculty of psychology, Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta Campus