Kemenkes: The Highest Causes Of Lung Cancer Cigarettes!

Kemenkes: The Highest Causes Of Lung Cancer Cigarettes!

Lung cancer is one type of cancer that many experienced by the adam in Indonesia and followed by colon cancer. For the trigger, mentioned by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Dr H Mohamad Subuh, MPPM, is very diverse

Certainly in men the lung cancer cases are experienced for various reasons, if I still honestly the most high cause of smoking. Must dare to mention this problem, "" said Dawn on the sidelines of the commemoration of ‘World Cancer Day’ at the Ministry of Health, South Jakarta.Bahayanya, lung cancer including the most difficult to detect early. Therefore, symptoms that appear in the early stages are still quite vague with other common symptoms of disease. In the same place, Chairman of Indonesian Ongkologi Association, Prof. Dr. dr Aru Wicaksono Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, FACP, also gave his explanation.

Read also: Doctor Advice For Those Affected by Lung Cancer "" Imagine the lungs, inside there is a mass as small as a green bean seed, do you think baseball? As soon as he starts to get big, blood vessels get hit, cough out blood, there’s new symptoms. Therefore lung cancer rarely appears in the early stages. Unless we ngecheck up every once a year. The problem is routine check up the office people, "" he said. Doctor who is familiar with greeting dr Aru is advised to do a lung rongent examination. Occasionally enough because the cancer takes about a dozen years to mature. Also read: Recognize 5 Symptoms of Lung Cancer is often Neglected

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