How Many Dead Skin Cells Stick to the Face? It’s How to Know

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How Many Dead Skin Cells Stick to the Face? It’s How to Know

Dull skin will certainly interfere with appearance. Not infrequently the problem makes some people become less confident. In order to cover up the skin problem is less bright, some women try to cover it with makeup. Unfortunately, the buildup of dead skin cells that cause dull faces often make the makeup less sticky so can not be a solution. Skin cells generally change every 20-38 days. For that, there are always dead skin cells that attach to the body. When dead skin cells accumulate in the face and not cleaned perfectly, the face will look dull and accelerate the emergence of signs of aging. Not only that, the function of various care products also so will be difficult to work. Who would have thought if the buildup of dead skin cells cause many problems. According to Shirley Nathalie Gan as Education Manager Clinique Indonesia, many people are not aware of the problem. He also has a way to know if the body parts have dead skin cells that accumulate.

We attach the insulation to the skin then lift. In isolation it will look dead skin cells that stick. Can also pay attention to face after cleansed with lotion and cotton. Usually dust and dirt visible still left in the face, Shirley advised when met Wolipop in Poer Que No, De Ritz, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (08/26/2015). Shirley adds that although sometimes not realized, the buildup of dead skin cells can be felt and seen. For example, the texture becomes slightly thicker and looks less clear. The problem can also be marked by the emergence of acne because dead skin cells that accumulate make the pores can not breathe. If the bacteria in it develop will certainly arise acne. Besides less cleaned perfectly, this problem is also often triggered due to various other factors. Some of them are age, stress, staying up, pollution, fatigue, and others. The increasing age of skin cell turnover slows down. It usually starts after the age of 25 years. So also with stress, staying up that will inhibit the process per cell change, added Shirley. As a solution, Shirley suggested to consume many foods that contain anti-ksidan and vitamin C. Then diligent is doing eksfoliasi so that dead skin eroded. Do not forget also to use sunblock for dead skin cells are not irritated. (ami / eny)

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