Got This Factor, You Are More Risk Of Breast Cancer

Got This Factor, You Are More Risk Of Breast Cancer

There are several factors that make a person’s risk for breast cancer to multiply. Mainly related to lifestyle. As conveyed by obstetrician and also oncology consultant from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. Sigit Purbadi, SpOG (K) Onk, other factors namely age above 55 years

Then if the family found there is a breast cancer, such as sisters, mothers or girls, then he has a 2 times risk of breast cancer, "said Dr. Sigit to detikHealth.

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In addition, if a patient has breast cancer, then the other breast has a risk of 3-4 times to also get cancer as well, "" he added. Related lifestyle, Dr. Sigit explained that the risk of breast cancer is greater is owned by those who are overweight and hobby of consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking. "" Women who have never been pregnant for up to 9 months or have just given birth after age 30 also have a greater risk of breast cancer. Then the old estrogen exposures such as menstruation before age 12 years and menopause after 55 years also provide a greater risk, "" said Dr. Sigit. Read also: Cervical Cancer Cervical Impact Jupe: HPV Vaccine Demand Increases

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